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Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

We are dedicated lawyers who work efficiently and provide you the best legal service. We specialize in handling family law and divorce cases in India. Do call us today or book appointment.

Matrimonial / Family Disputes

Legal Light Consulting provides end-to-end solution to come out of such type of difficult and emotional situations by reducing your stress, protecting your rights and minimizing negative impact on your family issue, if any, involved. We specialize in all Matrimonial/ Family disputes


Mutual Divorce in India

Have your ever encountered a situation with our spouse or other family member wherein you need immediate legal advice maintaining confidentially of the matter. In case of exigencies, it is difficult to find an Advocate who specializes in Matrimonial/ Family matters and who can keep your matter confidential

Hire An Advocate

Are you searching for an Advocate to file your case in Court and appear and argue in court in support of your claim? If Yes, than connect us

First Information Report - F.I.R.

Drafting of Criminal Complaint through professional is very important as it will protect you from lot of future complications. We have come out with following options to assist you in filing the Criminal Complaint:


Advocate Talk On My Behalf

Many a times, you need an advocate to talk to the other party on your behalf. The other party could be the opponent party or her advocate or local police station etc. Very few lawyers offer this service in the market and those who offer normally charge a hefty service fees. “Legal Light Consulting” understands that many of the disputes gets resolved in your favour, if you manage to timely arrange an experienced advocate who can call to the other party on your behalf.

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